Usually Conventional Fire Alarm Systems are used in small and medium size buildings
The most important feature of conventional system is thier zones number which has limitation in quantity of detectors and make limittion for large buildings usage.
Netelsan conventional fire alarm system, to prevent this limitation, proposes 1 to 16 Zones panels.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems includes follwoing devices and system:
- Smoke Detector
- Heat Detector (Rate of Rise, Fix and Combined)
- Combined Heat and Smoke Detector
- Manual Call Point
- Sounder and Flasher
- Fire alarm Control Panel

Despite Conventional Systems, Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are used in large Commercial and Industrial Buildings
Additional to Conventional System's Devices, following devices makes addressable system more felexible and celver choice for large and commercial buildings
- Conventional Zone Input Modules
- Digital Input Modules
- Sounder Controller Modules
- Relay Output Modules

Importnt feature that makes addressable systems better choice, is programming of inputs and outputs to reach the best action against fire situations.