1. Engineering, Consultant and Cost Estimation
Simin Gaman Aria with utilizing exprienced and educated engineers, propses comperhensive solutions in engineering and design phases of projects.
One of SGA services in engineering, is design of water, gasous and foam extinguishing system additonal to fire alarm and fire and gas detection systems.
SGA offers 3D F&G Mapping for fire and gas detection systems, Using up to dated methods and modern softwares to optimize system ,achiving maximum of system ability and also reduce project cost.

2.  Procurment and Procurment Engineering Services
Simin Gaman Aria according to it's valuable corporation and communication with qualified international brands, offers complete solution, for projects.
SGA already has been exclusive agency and official distributor of varous types of systems, and this one of it's strenght in procurement services.
As well as above, procurement engineering and cost estimation categorized as Simin Gaman Aria services.

3. Installation and Commissioning 
To ensure about qualified engineering and procurement of projects, Engineered and principled instllation and commissioning is required. This company with utilizing, exprienced engineers in fire and gas field, trying to coplete it's services range.

4. Education and After Sales Services
Offering fast and with commitment after sales services and education to our respectable costumers is SGA policy to get project owner's satisfaction.